The Dovecote

Dovecote History

One of the best known examples of a dove house, or dovecote, is found in the grounds of High House.

It is a clear show of power and affluence which the various families who resided in the house actually had, as the dovecote was a sheer luxury and provided eggs and meat throughout the year.

The status of the dovecote makes it a great social reference for the region and era, showing the high status symbols of affluence through the ages and fashions of the period. 

There are 517 nest boxes with an internal ladder which moves around the interior wall so that all the boxes can be reached. Having this original ladder and its original doors makes this an authentic and complete example.

Prior to Restoration

These photographs were taken before restoration started on the dovecote, which shows just what a great condition it was in, and just how lucky it has survived in this great condition over all these years.

Dovecote Jail

The dovecote had a steel door as well as a wooden door as to keep out thefts and poachers who would have put a great value on the meat and eggs. Because of this security, the dovecote was also used as a village lock-up or local jail for keeping those in the area who committed petty theft and other minor crimes.

Dovecote Gallery

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