High House Renovation

The restoration of High House, its farm buildings and its 15-acre site began in 2006, the start of a long and arduous project that was completed in 2010 with the opening of Bob and Tamar Manoukian’s Production Workshop.

Before restoration work began on the house and long before the site had so much attention, the house and site were almost completely covered in undergrowth. There were many clearance days at the site where members of the community came together to fend off the undergrowth and slowly reveal its former splendour.

 The interior of the house was restored when the funds became available over time which, in fact, gave the house time to evolve and harmonise into its new role.

Changes in the look and feel of the house and site made a massive change for the better, allowing for the site’s long-term plans to come to fruition and become what it is today.

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Our History

Many might believe that Purfleet and the wider Thurrock area has no history dating back more than one or two hundred years, and that the heavy industry, warehouses and harsh industrial landscape is all you would see on a trip to Purfleet itself.

However, Purfleet has a varied social and cultural history dating back thousands of years with elements of its past being hard to spot, until they are shown and explained and then the tapestry of another life will reveal itself.

Today’s High House

As it stands today, High House is a nationally renowned hub for the creative arts.

Companies including the Royal Opera House, Acme Studios, Creative and Cultural Skills and High House Production Park are producing groundbreaking art, compelling movies sets and much, much more.

How You Can Help

High House would be a shell without the fabulous support that the project has enjoyed from the local community. To make this project grow and to keep this centre of excellence a local, regional and national achivement, we need your help.

Get involved and start your journey of discovery at High House.

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