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High House is the name for a collection of buildings in the heart of Purfleet that have stood for over 450 years.

From this website, you can learn the history and get involved in the future of this local history artifact.

About High House

Discover the history of High House, learn how it has been renovated over the years, find out about today’s High House, and see how you can help us.

The Buildings of High House

Thanks to the efforts of the High House Community Group, lots of information is known about the buildings that make up the High House estate.

Read the history of 7 of the main areas featured at High House by clicking the button below.


The High House Blog

High House and The Woodville Family

The Woodvilles have historically been depicted as greedy and grasping, probably through jealousy on the part of those they bypassed during their rise through the ranks at the time of the Wars Of The Roses.They came from obscurity to prominence because of two secret...

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